The 7 Things Every Coaching Website Needs

There are way too many coaching websites out there that don’t have the elements they need in order to do the job they’re supposed to do: Generate leads and get pre-qualified people scheduling consultations. This leaves their owners confused about why they’re not getting clients. In this article, you’ll learn about the essential elements your […]

The Truth About Coaching Titles

Ah, the infamous coaching title. Plenty of coaches have asked me what their coaching title should be. And my off-the-cuff answer is usually: are you sure you really need one? But it’s a question that does deserve some exploration. In this article, you’ll learn why a coaching title might not be in your best interests—at […]

5 Tasks To Do Before Starting Your Coaching Business

When you’re first starting out, getting super official with your business may seem unnecessary. But believe me when I tell you: getting these tasks done upfront will make your life so much easier once you’re making money, growing your business, and paying taxes. Also, once you’ve reached a certain level of success, having these things […]